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Sunday, May 12, 2013


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Melanie VDG

Congratulations!!! So happy for you and you'll be in our prayers all the way along! :)


I can't believe I somehow missed this post. I've been kind of on and off the blog radar lately. But anyway, I saw Scott's FB post a bit back and have bee BEYOND THRILLED for all of you ever since, especially since I knew you'd been struggling with infertility. Anyway, I hope the coming months treat you well. Love and miss you TONS, Ashley!

Ashley - HabitatKid

Thanks, Lindsay!! Yes, we are very excited and things are going well so far! I miss you guys, too! Your boys are getting so big and handsome - you are one amazing mother!

Jill Haggerty

Whaaaa?!? Leave it up to me to not properly keep up with not only social media but the lives of my friends!!! Congrats!!!! So so so happy for you guys!!! How exciting!! London will make the best big sister!! Wish we were there to play with her in that beautiful backyard of yours while you nap away! I'll be sure to try and keep up to date with your progress! Again, congrats yo you all! :)

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